An “in-between-continent” for a global power: The pivotal importance of Eurasia to decode Russia’s actions in the XXI century

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Author list: Lopes T
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Publication year: 2020
Start page: 156
End page: 179
Number of pages: 24
ISBN: 978-1-5275-4733-9
Languages: English-Great Britain (EN-GB)


Recent regional and global crises have changed the structure of international relations and cause countries to be inconsistent in their policies. Examples of these include the protest demonstrations and political crises which started in the Middle East and African countries in 2010 known as the ‘Arab Spring’, which had a major effect on Syria, and the movement towards Brexit. These emerging regional and global crises have highlighted the shortcomings of the discipline of international relations and the need for a new, detailed study to be conducted. The topics in this book have been carefully selected in order to provide a more objective assessment of the recent and ongoing problems of the international community.


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