Desarrollo de habilidades en adolescencia en el régimen presencial pre-covid-19: una experiencia educativa

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Author list: Galinha SA, Loureiro MJ, Carvalho OC, & Fonseca C
Publication year: 2020
Journal: Quaderns d'animació i educació social (1698-4404)
ISSN: 1698-4404
Languages: Spanish-Spain (ES-ES)


The purpose of this contribution is to present an experience based on the development of skills of Portuguese adolescents in an extra-academic contexto using a Sociodemographic survey, Selfconcept questionnaire (SDQ I) and Educational intervention program. At the sociodemographic level, the influence of age and gender was highlighted. Through SDQ I, there was an increase in the self-concept of adolescents participating in the program implemented in context. These new relative data show the empowering space of adolescents by bringing an inclusive reflective look at adolescence and the social construction of the school.


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