The “warm peace”, Human Rights education and European Union policies: Migration and Citizenship (abstract)

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Autorenliste: Campina A, Silva M M M
Jahr der Veröffentlichung: 2018
Erste Seite: 8
Sprachen: Englisch-Vereinigtes Königreich (EN-GB)


Nowadays European Union migrant’s situation, named as a crisis, has begun during the II WW due the Holocaust. Considering the EU position and their state member facing serious Human Rights violation as well as a political complex diplomatic development (inside and outside) the European context. Holocaust has obliged millions of European citizens to “escape” from their own countries to be able to survive. The political consequences of this movement were controlled based on the diplomacy considering the war context and each state “position”. Due the most different reasons, along the 20thcentury the migration in, from and to Europe was an important and strong social movement but without a negative global political impact but economical. However, the last decade, especially after 2010 with the “Spring Arab” revolutions in Middle East and North Africa, Europe has been the destination of millions - illegal migrants and Refugees. The EU didn´t prepare this expected reception and it´s facing a dramatic human situation in all its contexts: political, social, economic, religious and cultural. In fact, there are (enough) laws and rules to protect these human beings – International, EU and each national state laws – but in some cases there are declared violations, especially Human Rights, as political and diplomatic complex relations, the non-controlled traffics (human, children, influences, interests). The political, economic, social and including the humanitarian responsible are having serious difficulties in facing hard realities, including the hundred deaths (the Mediterraneansea is an alive cemetery); the security questions, the reception and the integration difficulties, in the most different host countries, the society/ies behaviors; the economic and European/States budgets management being serious under the needs as well the lack of professionals enough to deal all the different and complex situations with the refuges. Consequently, the panorama is the antithesis of the Europe and EU for “all”. Although all the important and hard efforts developed by all the actors in this complex migration situation, as the several movements and changings in order to adjust the actions / available resources and capacities / spaces and work with International Organizations (governmental and non-governmental) / political and diplomatic agreements and efforts to develop International relations with origin states of the refugees, there is a more serious situation than most European citizens have knowledge. The main point is based on the absence of preparation and the consequently drama in all perspectives: the political “chain” working together to answer with the juridical, judicial and security system “concerted” within the International legal context (mainly the UN system) as the EU “legal instruments”. The urgent answer to the effective needs for all actors in this serious and dangerous scenery have to be based in the Human Rights system, their legal implementation and the development of their education to promote a political support, a society integration as a collective social sustainability to implement the need measures to prevent the inherent criminality, human suffer and the illusory “warm” peace we are facing in Europe with dangerous consequences for the Humanity especially for the next generations.


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