Effectiveness and Fun metrics in a pervasive game experience: a systematic literature review

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Author list: Moreira, F., Taborda, J. P., & Arango-López, J.
Publisher: Springer
Publication year: 2019
Volume number: 3
Start page: 184
End page: 194
Number of pages: 11
ISBN: 978-3-030-16187-3
Languages: English-Great Britain (EN-GB)


The progress of video games, hand in hand with the technological

development, has been exponential in recent years. Its diffusion in society

through multiple existing formats (computer, console, mobile devices, etc.) is

growing. The number of video game players increases every year. As a result,

the technical and user experience requirements also increase, and the behavior of

the players with the game experience is unknown. Therefore, it is necessary to

have the elements that allow evaluating and measuring this behavior from

several perspectives. Therefore, it is necessary to have elements that allow

evaluating and measuring the behavior of players with the game experience

from different perspectives. It is important to have these different points of view

to continuing the contribution in this aspect. Having that in mind, it has been

made an analysis of measurement of effectiveness’ measure and entertainment

that will serve as a basis to approach studies in search of improvements in the

user experience, a topic of great interest among the current generators or

manufacturers of these video games.


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