Enterprise 4.0: The next evolution of business?




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Autorenliste: Moreira, F., Ferreira, M. J., & Seruca, I.
Verlag: IGI Global
Ort: Hershey PA, USA
Jahr der Veröffentlichung: 2019
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ISBN: 9781522572718
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Enterprise 4.0 is already referred to as the next stage of the evolution of global business and the global

economy. This wave is achieved by technology enablers often referred as digital transformation (DT).

Social media represent a subset of these technologies which contribute to organizational transformation.

However, the adoption of social media does not imply such a transformation; changes in the organization’s

culture and behavior are also needed. While the technology enablers allow the production, sharing,

and management of information and knowledge within the organization they also require the updating of

the supporting information systems (IS). Thus, using technologies in organizations requires an exercise

in understanding how to demonstrate their usefulness in relation to the creation, access, and sharing of

contents and IS improvements in a safe way. To this end, this chapter envisages a new context of labor

faced within DT of organizations, largely boosted by the organizational adoption of social media, and

which the authors propose to be implemented through the m_CSDIT framework.


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