Digital transformation at high education: are professors of the South European and South American countries prepared for that?

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Autorenliste: Moreira, F., Santos-Pereira, C., Ferreira, M. J., & Durão, N.
Ort: Valencia
Jahr der Veröffentlichung: 2019
Erste Seite: 7956
Letzte Seite: 7962
Seitenumfang: 7
ISBN: 978-84-09-08619-1
Sprachen: Englisch-Vereinigtes Königreich (EN-GB)


The higher education plays a fundamental role in the society transformation in all of its dimensions,

namely teaching, educational management, vision and creation of business and professions. The

combination of new challenges in higher education with the increase of mobile technologies (one of

the digital transformation pillars) leads to an intensification in teaching opportunities and demands of

new teaching methods development. Due to this, several concepts from the e_learning, to u_learning

appeared. Therefore, it is critical to understand whether users (students and professors) are receptive

and aware to adapt to this new paradigm before deciding to implement teaching-learning methods

based on mobile technology. In this context, the aim of the study presented is to investigate if higher

education professors, in the technology area, in South Europe and South America countries, are using

Mobile Learning with gamification and augmented reality apps and how they can be used to promote

student’s engagement inside and outside of the classroom, in order to prepare the students for a new

reality – the digital transformation.


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