A multi-agent framework for coordination of intelligent assistive technologies

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Author list: Valente, P.
Publication year: 2010
Number in series: 5556631
ISBN: 978-989962473-3
Languages: English-Great Britain (EN-GB)


Intelligent care for the future is the IntelliCare project's main
priority. This paper describes the design of a generic multi-agent
framework for coordination of intelligent assistive technologies. The
paper overviews technologies and software systems suitable for context
awareness and housekeeping tasks, especially for performing a
multi-robot cleaning-task activity. It also describes conducted work in
the design of a multi-agent platform for coordination of intelligent
assistive technologies. Instead of using traditional robot odometry
estimation methods, we have tested an independent indoor localization
system for real-time localization. We conducted an experiment in two
steps: first, creating and testing interaction interfaces with and
between robotic systems, and secondly, wrapping all in a multi-agent
system, defining a vacuumingcleaning ontology. With the pose data from
an indoor localization system, is it possible to compare with real robot
positions. From this, we can make some platform assumptions regarding
heterogeneous robot cooperation, by thinking further i.e. sharing
workspace with humans.


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