The vulnerability of the embryo arises from its terminology

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Autorenliste: Martínez de Campos M, Monteiro V S
Jahr der Veröffentlichung: 2019
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Law is made of concepts. Each legal concept contains a bottom layer and
preceding philosophic synonym. Each word has its
meaning, as a sign which represents an axiom. For this reason, traditionally,
legal sciences are averse to polysemy. Therefore, adoption of embryos and
donation of embryos are entirely distinct concepts.

Moreover, nowadays medically assisted procreation procedures are an
answer to numerous issues that touch the lives of an uncountable number of
families. However, at the pace that these
procedures develop the law has to follow the new realities which science has
present to us. The eternal purpose of MAP's is the creation of life. It seems
undeniable. The trial that consciously we intent to held relies on surplus
embryos — a life already created. In the embryonic stage, a highly vulnerable
moment. It is indeed, a trial with ethical, scientific, legal, religious and
even philosophic claims. In light of this adoption of embryos and donation of
embryos are different classifications for the same reality. We oppose one and
agree with the other. The conceptual terminology that we choose comes from the
recognition and valuation of life in its embryonic stage. We even consider that
it comes from naturally valuing life, in whatever stage that it might be.
The vulnerability comes in different stages of human life. However, in
this case, it seems to extend, not exclusively but also, to the classification
that is being wrongly applied, concerning the acceptance of surplus embryos.
With this article, we aim to attend the different European Laws to appraise
which concepts are used, the reason for using those and not others, and evenly,
interpret the impact on the consensus we desire to build considering the
prenatal adoption.

Keywords: vulnerability,
conceptual terminology, embryo, adoption of embryos, donation of embryos,
prenatal adoption.


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