How to apply SCRUM in PBL teams

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Liste des auteurs: Carvalho, J. D., Fernandes, S.
Année de publication: 2018
Page d'accueil: 45
Dernière page: 46
Nombre de pages: 2
ISBN: 2183 - 1378
Languages: Anglais-Royaume-Uni (EN-GB)


Scrum is a project management methodology very popular in the software
industry with very good results in terms of team work effectiveness.
Scrum is based on important team work values such as commitment,
courage, focus, openness and respect and can be described in three
different dimensions: Scrum team; Scrum Events; and Scrum artefacts.

This workshop aims to provide the participants with the opportunity to
practice the scrum methodology. This goal will be attained by using a
short project which includes similar characteristics to the typical PBL

The first moment of the workshop will focus on presenting the basic
concepts about the Scrum methodology, its use and main features. In the
second moment the participants will be actively involved in a training
activity which allows them to practice Scrum in a small project. This
includes the generation of a backlog, a sprint planning meeting, and at
least on sprint (one iteration of the methodology). The third and last
moment will be based on the discussion and reflection about the
effectiveness of this methodology when applied in PBL teams.

Some guidelines and tips for an effective use of Scrum in PBL teams will
be available for all participants on the workshop.


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