The EU’s post-liberal approach to peace: framing EUBAM’s contribution to the Moldova-Transnistria conflict transformation

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Author list: Dias, V.
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge): SSH Titles
Publication year: 2013
Journal: European Security (0966-2839)
Volume number: 22
Issue number: 3
Start page: 338
End page: 354
Number of pages: 17
ISSN: 0966-2839
eISSN: 1746-1545
Languages: English-Great Britain (EN-GB)


This article analyses what may be termed as the European Union's (EU)
post-liberal approach to the Moldova–Transnistria conflict. Since 2003,
within the ENP framework, the EU has become increasingly committed to
its transformation. Such an engagement is further confirmed by the
establishment of the European Union Border Assistance Mission to Moldova
and Ukraine (EUBAM) in 2005, aimed at building confidence between the
parties, stimulate their economic interdependence and change perceptions
about the conflict. The mission's outcomes are moving beyond its
technical scope, supporting the conflict peaceful transformation. The
focus on bottom-up initiatives and local engagement allows for a broader
understanding of the complex dynamics underlying the conflict, which
together with the high-level negotiation process may provide a holistic
approach to its resolution and increase the likelihood to reach a
sustainable settlement.


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