The access to healthcare services by the ukraninan immigrants

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Untertitel: factors that play a part
Autorenliste: Bessa Vilela, N., Brito, D., Vilela, I.
Jahr der Veröffentlichung: 2016
ISBN: 0212-6567
Sprachen: Englisch-Vereinigtes Königreich (EN-GB)


Introduction: The constant presence of immigrants in Portugal and
the coexistence of diverse cultures impose changes in the behavior
of healthcare professtonats in relation to access to health care
Objectives: Determining the factors influencing the demand for
health care by Ukrainian immigrants in the metropolitan área of
Methods: Exploratory and descriptíve study of both quantítative
and qualitative nature. The information was gathered by questionnatres
from a convenience sample of 212 Ukrainians immigrants
residing in the metropolitan regton of Porto and eleven interviews.
Results; There were detected diffículties in accessing healthcare
arising from the language barrier and/or different interpretations
along with the disarticulation between the various support services
for immtgrants, ineffectíve communicatíon, cultural barriers, betiefs,
difficulty 1n combining schedutes, costs of treatment, tack
of rights as an immigrant, illegal situation and consequent fear of
discriminatíon. The lack of informatíon, particularly concerning the
access to healthcare for undocumented immigrants and the fear of
having their condition told out to the authorities causes them to
avoid attending healthcare services, resorting to other alternative
services where the - lack of - documentation is not a determinant
Conclusions: The necesstty to train and to create awareness between
ali the professional that deal with immigrants, and also ali
healthcare professional. It is suggested to perform longitudinal
studies for transcultural approaches with immigrants of different
ethnic groups with different cultures and values, in order to improve
the cultural competency of healthcare professionals.
Keywords: Ukrainian immigrants. Accessto Healthcare care. Cultural
diversity and transcultural nursing. Human Rights.


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