Public Relations and Advertising in the Context of E-Sports

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Liste des auteurs: Bessa Vilela, N., Druks, L., Tomazic, T.
Editeur: IGI Global
Année de publication: 2018
ISBN: 9781522540472
Languages: Anglais-Royaume-Uni (EN-GB)


E-sports within the gaming industry characterize an economic sector that is engaged in the developing,
marketing, and sale of video games. They represent many opportunities for advertising and public relations,
which are very important to increase the visibility of e-sports. The use of both has proved far more
effective, because it allowed a rapid increase in their popularity. The aim of this chapter is to compare
the use of public relations and advertising in e-sports and to determine their appropriateness. So, the
relationship between public relations, advertising, and e-sports is developed and researched for the first
time here. The authors used qualitative comparative analysis between public relations and advertising
in the context of e-sports based on Natus Vincere, one of the most important Ukrainian organizations
in the gaming industry. The rise of the gaming industry and recent success of e-sports demonstrate the
profitable economic potentials of gaming spectatorship.


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