The teaching of law post Bologna




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Autorenliste: Mimoso, M. J., Bravo, B. M., & Gomes, J. C.
Verlag: SciencePark Research Organization and Counseling
Jahr der Veröffentlichung: 2018
Zeitschrift: Global Journal of Sociology: Current Issues (2301-2633)
Bandnummer: 8
Heftnummer: 1
Erste Seite: 30
Letzte Seite: 35
Seitenumfang: 6
ISSN: 2301-2633
Sprachen: Englisch-Vereinigtes Königreich (EN-GB)


The Bologna process aims to harmonize European Higher Education. This
implies serious changes and challenges for the Legal Higher education
institutions and scholars, as this realm of knowledge should now provide
skills for the exercise of a legal profession at a transnational level.
Law teaching in most institutions simply tried to cope up with the
Europeanization process by introducing pale cosmetic changes and
therefore not adapting to the European reality and needs. The main
objectives are to summarize Bologna’s objectives applied to the
teaching/learning of law, assessing various solutions and cases and
trying to deliver a ‘best practice’ draft. After a comprehensive study
on the implementation of the Bologna process and its results, we will be
able to make a critical judgment on the teaching of law. Matter ‘de
iure condendo’ proposes education policies that enable a holistic view
of the law.


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