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Subtitle: paradoxe et perspective
Author list: Bergé J S
Publisher: Departamento de Direito Comercial e do Trabalho da Faculdade de Direito da UERJ
Publication year: 2017
Journal: Revista Semestrial de Direito Empresarial (1983-5264)
Journal acronym: RSDE – UERJ
Issue number: 18
ISSN: 1983-5264
Languages: French-France (FR-FR)


What is movement, circulation in intellectual property law? The situation is paradoxical. The objects of intellectual property rights are circulating to a considerable extent. On the other hand, it is rather difficult to say that intellectual property rights circulate from territory to territory. The explanation of this lack of circulation of intellectual property rights must be sought in the principle of territoriality which commands the international protection of intellectual property. But this principle is increasingly marginalized, so that the question arises of the end of a myth that would open the prospect of a real circulation of intellectual property rights.


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