Do healthcare professionals have different views about healthcare rationing than college students?




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Untertitel: A mixed methods study in Portugal
Autorenliste: Pinho, M., Borges, A., & Cookson, R. A.
Verlag: Oxford University Press (OUP): Policy F - Oxford Open Option D
Jahr der Veröffentlichung: 2017
Zeitschrift: Public Health Ethics (1754-9973)
Erste Seite: phx005
ISSN: 1754-9973
Sprachen: Englisch-Vereinigtes Königreich (EN-GB)


The main aim of this paper is to investigate the views of healthcare
professionals in Portugal about healthcare rationing, and compare them
with the views of college students. A self-administered questionnaire
was used to collect data from a sample of 60 healthcare professionals
and 180 college students. Respondents faced a hypothetical rationing
dilemma where they had to order four patients (differentiated by
personal characteristics and health conditions) and justify their
choices. Multinomial logistic regressions were used to test for
differences in orderings, and content analysis to categorize the written
justifications. The findings suggest that both groups appeared to
support three main rationing principles: (i) health maximization, (ii)
priority to the severely ill and (iii) priority to the young. However,
professionals seemed to give less weight to the latter principle. In
conclusion, professionals have similar views to students about
healthcare rationing, though may be slightly less inclined to give
priority to the young.


Health, Health care, Portugal


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