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Subtitle: results from a case study at a teacher training school in Benguela province
Author list: Abelha, M., Kayumbuka, J., Albuquerque, A. S., & Machado, E. A.
Edition name or number: ISBN: 978-84-9012-769-8
Publication year: 2017
Title of series: Search and research: Teacher education for contemporary contexts
Number in series: ISBN: 978-84-9012-769-8
Start page: 475
End page: 483
Number of pages: 9
Languages: English-Great Britain (EN-GB)


In the present
study, the research problem lies in school leaders context, particularly in how
teachers at a teacher´s training school in Benguela province perceives the
leadership of the school principal.

To answer the
research problem were defined three objectives: i) characterize how teachers of
the training school for teachers in Benguela province perceive the leadership
led by the school principal; ii) understand the influence of the school
principal in the teaching work dynamics iii) develop knowledge about the style
of leadership developed in the training school for teachers in Benguela province.

The adopted
research methodology assumed predominantly a qualitative nature, and case study
was the chosen research strategy. The empirical study took place in the
academic year 2014 in a teacher training school in Benguela province. The main
data collection technique was the MLQ questionnaire of Avolio & Bass (2004)
applied to all the teachers (n=20). A simple
statistical analysis was the privileged data processing technique.

The school principal of the teacher´s training
school in Benguela province reveal behavioral attitudes and positions in line
with the Laissez-Faire Leadership and
some categories of Transformational Leadership were the main results of this


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