Outcomes, challenges and benefits

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Liste des auteurs: Costa Lobo C
Editeur: IOS Press
Année de publication: 2011
Page d'accueil: 142
Dernière page: 166
Nombre de pages: 25
ISBN: 978-160750983-7
Languages: Anglais-Royaume-Uni (EN-GB)


Soft skills are getting more and more valuable contributing to improve
the employability of students. In the modern economy the need to work
with people from different countries and cultures arises very
frequently. In this scenario, team work and communication skills in an
international environment become highly valuable assets. Nevertheless,
despite their value, these skills are usually not trained in
undergraduate degrees. MUTW courses fill in this gap without demanding
for costly curricula changes. In this chapter we analyze the results
from the first MUTW pilot edition. This edition of MUTW involved 21
final-year undergraduate students from 11 higher education institutions
belonging to nine European countries. Students were organized in two
teams, one with 9 and the other with 12 students, to develop their
capstone project. The main outcomes confirm our hypothesis that MUTW
improves team work and communication skills in an international setting.
The main benefits of MUTW-like projects for the main stakeholders are
discussed along with the challenges one is expected to face during such a
course unit


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