Anxiety, depression, and emotional involvement with the child during pregnancy | anxiété, dépression et investissement émotionnel de l'enfant pendant la grossesse

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Author list: Conde A
Publisher: Médecine & Hygiène
Publication year: 2007
Journal: Devenir (1015-8154)
Volume number: 19
Issue number: 3
Start page: 243
End page: 260
Number of pages: 18
ISSN: 1015-8154
Languages: English-Great Britain (EN-GB), French-France (FR-FR)


With the aim of studying anxiety, depression and prenatal emotional
involvement with the infant, 87 primipa-rous women had fulfilled the
Portuguese version of the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale,
State-Trait Anxiety Inventory and New Mother-to-Infant Bonding Scale.
High levels of anxious and depressive symptoms as well of emotional
involvement with the infant were found. Anxiety seems to activate
mother's negative emotions toward the infant, but depressive symptoms
account the more for the presence of not clear emotions and poor
attachment to the infant. © Médecine and Hygiène. Tous droits réservés
pour tous pays.


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