Intervention program on adolescent's creativity representations and academic motivation

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Author list: Araújo AM
Publisher: Universidade de São Paulo
Publication year: 2015
Journal: Paidéia (Ribeirão Preto) (0103-863X)
Volume number: 25
Issue number: 62
Start page: 289
End page: 297
Number of pages: 9
ISSN: 0103-863X
Languages: English-Great Britain (EN-GB)


Creativity and its promotion are widespread concerns in education.
However, few efforts have been made to implement intervention programs
designed to promote creativity and other related aspects (e.g., academic
motivation). The Future Problem Solving Program International (FPSPI),
aimed for training creativity representations and creative problem
solving skills in young people, has been one of the most implemented
programs. This intervention's materials and activities were adapted for
Portuguese students, and a longitudinal study was conducted. The program
was implemented during four months, in weekly sessions, by thirteen
teachers. Teachers received previous training for the program and during
the program's implementation. Intervention participants included 77
Basic and Secondary Education students, and control participants
included 78 equivalent students. Pretest-posttest measures of academic
motivation and creativity representations were collected. Results
suggest a significant increase, in the intervention group, in motivation
and the appropriate representations of creativity. Practical
implications and future research perspectives are presented.


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