Association between maltreatment and polydrug use among adolescents

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Author list: Jurado Barba R
Publisher: Elsevier
Publication year: 2016
Volume number: 51
Start page: 379
End page: 389
Number of pages: 11
ISSN: 0145-2134
Languages: English-Great Britain (EN-GB)


Different studies have related sexual and physical abuse during
childhood and adolescence to the development of substance abuse
disorders. Nevertheless, we are not aware of the role that other more
common maltreatment types, such as neglect, will play among the most
risky pattern of consumption: the polydrug use. A clinical sample of 655
adolescents, divided into two groups: polydrug users and non-polydrug
users, were assessed on their pattern of drug consumption, history of
childhood maltreatment, current psychopathology and their family history
of alcoholism. Polydrug users had a greater prevalence of all types of
maltreatment, although the most associated to this group were sexual
abuse and emotional neglect. Other relevant variables to adolescent
consumption were: the diagnosis of depressive disorder, the presence of
anxiety traits and the family history of alcohol dependence. Polydrug
users have higher risks of having had problems during infancy and
adolescence, such as maltreatment and other psychopathological
conditions, with the addition of family history of alcoholism.
Accordingly, practitioners should take into account that those variables
may influence polydrug abuse because it is the most risky pattern for
subsequent dependence of substances, and they should always be
considered during treatment


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