Neuropsychological functioning in adolescents with first episode psychosis

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Subtitle: A two-year follow-up study
Author list: Bombin I
Publisher: Elsevier Masson / Elsevier: 12 months
Publication year: 2008
Volume number: 23
Issue number: 5
Start page: 375
End page: 383
Number of pages: 9
ISSN: 0924-9338
Languages: English-Great Britain (EN-GB)


Cognitive deficits are a core feature of psychotic disorders. Both in
adult and adolescent populations, studies have shown that patients with
psychosis have poorer cognitive functioning than controls. The cognitive
domains that seem to be affected are mainly attention, working memory,
learning and memory, and executive function. However, with regard to the
trajectory of cognitive function throughout the illness, there is still
a dearth of prospective data in patients who develop psychosis during
adolescence. In this article, neuropsychological functioning was
assessed in a sample of 24 first episodes of early onset psychosis (EOP)
and 29 healthy adolescents at baseline and after a two-year follow-up.
Patients with EOP showed lower scores than controls in overall cognitive
functioning and in all specific domains assessed (attention, working
memory, executive function, and learning and memory) both at baseline
and the two-year follow-up. When changes in cognitive functioning over
two years were assessed, patients and controls showed significant
improvement in almost all cognitive domains. However, this improvement
disappeared in the patient group after controlling for improvement in
symptomatology. Our findings support a neurodevelopmental pathological
process in this sample of adolescents with psychosis.


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