Students' views of assessment in project-led engineering education

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Sous-titre: findings from a case study in Portugal
Liste des auteurs: Fernandes S, Flores MA, Lima RM
Editeur: Taylor & Francis (Routledge): SSH Titles
Année de publication: 2012
Journal: Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education (0260-2938)
Numéro du volume: 37
Numéro de publication: 2
Page d'accueil: 163
Dernière page: 178
Nombre de pages: 16
ISSN: 0260-2938
eISSN: 1469-297X
Languages: Anglais-Royaume-Uni (EN-GB)


According to the demands of the Bologna process, new educational methods and strategies are needed in order to enhance student-centred learning. Project work is one of those approaches. This paper aims to evaluate the impact of project-led education (PLE) on students' learning processes and outcomes, within the context of a first-year engineering programme. It explores students' perceptions about assessment procedures and processes. Data collection was based on individual surveys at the end and the beginning of each PLE edition and through focus groups, after a period of six months. Findings are presented according to emerging themes from the data analysis, focusing mainly on students' perspectives of learning and assessment, the role of formative and summative assessments in PLE and their impact on learning. Implications for improving assessment practices are discussed.


Pas d'articles correspondants trouvés.


Pas d'articles correspondants trouvés.

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