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Sous-titre: a year of research at Portucalense University
Liste des auteurs: Abelha, M., Nunes, M. B.
Editeur: Elsevier: Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No-Derivatives License
Année de publication: 2015
Journal: Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences (1877-0428)
Numéro du volume: 174
Page d'accueil: 3186
Dernière page: 3193
Nombre de pages: 8
ISSN: 1877-0428
Languages: Anglais-Royaume-Uni (EN-GB)


“B-on” is the electronic resources platform acknowledged by the
Portuguese scientific community, providing a high number of scientific
resources and electronic services. Portucalense University adhered to
B-on in 2013. After a year, a study of use and evaluation of the
professors’ satisfaction was conducted. This paper presents the results
obtained through the application of a questionnaire and the analysis of
statistical data supplied by the platform. Results reveal a medium level
of compliance, although with high intensity and users’ satisfaction.
More information literacy instruction is required in order to amplify
and diversify the use of the tool.


Academic Librarianship, B-on, scientific resources


Pas d'articles correspondants trouvés.

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