A project management framework for planning and executing interdisciplinary learning projects in engineering education

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Liste des auteurs: Fernandes SRG
Editeur: TUT Press
Année de publication: 2012
Page d'accueil: 53
Dernière page: 76
Nombre de pages: 24
ISBN: 9789460919589
Languages: Anglais-Royaume-Uni (EN-GB)


Traditional teaching methods being adopted in higher education across
European Universities are not contributing effectively to the real needs
of today’s world. The current challenges that the world is facing,
concerning the new economic paradigms, centred on eco-sustainability
along with global and unbalanced competitiveness, demand new answers
from the universities. The professionals that universities must create
should be prepared with the right set of hard and soft skills so they
can rapidly contribute with new energy to the existing enterprises and
other organizations


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