Clarifying changes in student empathy throughout medical school




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Untertitel: a scoping review
Autorenliste: Ferreira-Valente MA
Verlag: Springer (part of Springer Nature): Springer Open Choice Hybrid Journals
Jahr der Veröffentlichung: 2016
Zeitschrift: Advances in Health Sciences Education (1382-4996)
Bandnummer: 21
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ISSN: 1382-4996
eISSN: 1573-1677
Sprachen: Englisch-Vereinigtes Königreich (EN-GB)


Despite the increasing awareness of the relevance of empathy in patient
care, some findings suggest that medical schools may be contributing to
the deterioration of students’ empathy. Therefore, it is important to
clarify the magnitude and direction of changes in empathy during medical
school. We employed a scoping review to elucidate trends in students’
empathy changes/differences throughout medical school and examine
potential bias associated with research design. The literature published
in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French from 2009 to 2016 was
searched. Two-hundred and nine potentially relevant citations were
identified. Twenty articles met the inclusion criteria. Effect sizes of
empathy scores variations were calculated to assess the practical
significance of results. Our results demonstrate that scoped studies
differed considerably in their design, measures used, sample sizes and
results. Most studies (12 out of 20 studies) reported either positive or
non-statistically significant changes/differences in empathy regardless
of the measure used. The predominant trend in cross-sectional studies
(ten out of 13 studies) was of significantly higher empathy scores in
later years or of similar empathy scores across years, while most
longitudinal studies presented either mixed-results or empathy declines.
There was not a generalized international trend in changes in students’
empathy throughout medical school. Although statistically significant
changes/differences were detected in 13 out of 20 studies, the
calculated effect sizes were small in all but two studies, suggesting
little practical significance. At the present moment, the literature
does not offer clear conclusions relative to changes in student empathy
throughout medical school.


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