Cloud Computing Technologies for Connected Government

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Editor list: Mahmood, Z.
Publisher: IGI Global
Publication year: 2016
Number of pages: 416
ISBN: 9781466686298
Languages: English-Great Britain (EN-GB)


In the developed world,
there is an increasing trend towards the use of e-government to further
involve citizens in the maintenance of their country. This is not only
an improved way to promote existing methods of citizen engagement such
as voting or taxation; it also makes information more accessible and
increases opportunities for average citizens to make their voices heard.

Cloud Computing Technologies for Connected Government
explores the latest research on the use of e-government for enhancing
the effectiveness and transparency of public institutions. Featuring
coverage on cloud-related frameworks and strategies, barriers to
e-government development and practice, and case studies revealing the
best guidelines for efficient technology use, this timely publication is
indispensable for students, educators, information system specialists,
technology experts, and anyone involved in public administration or the
management of government departments.

This book highlights
chapters on a broad scope of topics including, but not limited to,
citizen empowerment, collaborative public service, communication through
social media, cost benefits of the Cloud, electronic voting systems,
identity management, legal issues, and security and privacy for
e-government users.


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