O gasto público na justiça



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Autorenliste: Silva, Natacha
Verlag: Universidade de Santiago de Compostela
Ort: Santiago de Compostela
Jahr der Veröffentlichung: 2012
Seitenumfang: 176
Sprachen: Portugiesisch-Portugal (PT-PT)


This study underlines some comparative studies on the portuguese
judicial system and it verses over a comparative evaluation of the
different judicial systems.

On Chapter I you notice the european contextualization with regards to
the different approaches to judicial systems.

Chapter II brings up the importance of a reform of the portuguese
judicial system, emphasizing the specific alternatives and resolutions
put in place. However, it's also mentioned the research on the
recommendations and resolutions by the CEPEJ (in portuguese, the
European Commission for Efficiency and Justice) and, in some cases, also
the OPJ (Permanent Observatory of Justice).

It would be unavoidable to include a chapter specific to the reform of
the portuguese judicial system. In that sense, Chapter III focuses on
the new judicial reform whilst also touching on the new court reforms.

Chapter IV covers the more and more important question of the
Alternative Resolution of Litigations as the closest ?measure? to the
citizens and, in that sense, the importance of access to the law and
judicial sponsoring.

Chapter V compares the Budgets for Justice for 2008 and 2009.

In Chapter VI we channel our attention to a Preliminary Questionnaire
directed at a group of Judges, Lawyers and Justice Officers with
different ages and salaries. The information obtained in this
questionnaire was extracted from the different portuguese regions, which
we believe will give us a better and more realistic understanding of
the whole issue. The study of the questionnaire can be done in the
Appendix. The intention was to propose a channel, a way. Along the study
and the research made, I focused on the lack of trust of which the
portuguese justice system is a target and I also underlined a tendency,
even though a subtle one. I gladly concluded that not only was this a
tendency adopted and defended by myself but also by the Commissions and
Comitees involved in the observation of said judicial system.

The path is paved. All is needed is to safeguard it and ensure its


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