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Subtitle: Contemporary scientific development | Desenvolvimento científico contemporâneo
Author list: Tonetto, A.M., Amazarray, M.R., Koller, S.H., Gomes, W.B.
Publisher: Associação Brasileira de Psicologia Social
Publication year: 2008
Journal: Psicologia and Sociedade (0102-7182)
Volume number: 20
Issue number: 2
Start page: 165
End page: 173
Number of pages: 9
ISSN: 0102-7182
eISSN: 1807-0310
Languages: Portuguese-Portugal (PT-PT)


This paper is a survey about Work and Organizational Psychology (WOP) of
articles published from 2001 to 2005 in the following Brazilian
journals: Estudos de Psicologia, Psicologia e Sociedade, Psicologia em
Estudo, Psicologia: Reflexão e Crítica, Psicologia: Teoria e Pesquisa,
Psicologia USP, and Psicologia: Organizações e Trabalho. The analysis
examined the number of papers, themes, methodology, references,
professional education and the authors' area of practice. Out of 1105
published papers, 178 (16%) were on WOP. The papers were classified in
nine theme categories. From the total amount of papers analyzed, 30%
were theoretical and 70% empirical. Most authors are psychologists and
are connected to universities. Among the main results, it was
highlighted the thematic and methodological diversity of scientific
production on WOP as well as the concern on social, economic, political
and technological changes. The knowledge production provides data for
interventions as well as for improving theoretical development of this




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