Risk and protective factors in the resource network for children and adolescences victims of sexual violence | Fatores de Risco e de Proteção na Rede de Atendimento a Crianças e Adolescentes Vítimas de Violência Sexual

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Author list: Koller S
Publisher: SpringerOpen (part of Springer Nature)
Publication year: 2006
Volume number: 19
Issue number: 3
Start page: 379
End page: 386
Number of pages: 8
ISSN: 0102-7972
Languages: Portuguese-Brazil (PT-BR)


Sexual violence against children and adolescences is a public health
concern, characterized by a complex dynamics, which involves
psychological, social and legal aspects, demanding the coordinated
intervention of different institutions. This study presents the mapping
of risk and protective factors in resource network for children and
adolescences victims of sexual violence, who were identified in the
1992-1998 judicial processes of the Ministério Público (District
Attorney's Office) of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The
analysis of 71 files present the interventions that were performed by
the institutions that composed the network. The results pointed out the
difficulty of the protection services to intervene in the cases. The
lack of communication among the institutions to articulate the necessary
protection measures and to follow-up on their implementation was
verified. These results suggest the need to qualify the services of the
network, seeking the real understanding of the cases, as well as
performing appropriate interventions.


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