Inserção ecológica na comunidade: uma proposta metodológica para o estudo de famílias em situação de risco

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Author list: Koller S
Publisher: SpringerOpen (part of Springer Nature)
Publication year: 2003
Volume number: 16
Issue number: 3
Start page: 515
End page: 524
Number of pages: 10
ISSN: 0102-7972
Languages: Portuguese-Brazil (PT-BR)


The aim of this paper is to describe a methodology for research with
families in natural environment: Ecological Insertion. This methodology
is based on Ecological Systems Theory, that proposes that development
must be studied through a scientific model that involves interaction
among four nucleus: process, person, context and time, denominated
bioecological model. For this theory, the bioecological model become an
appropriate theoretical-methodologial approach for research on
development-in-context. This paper describes an operacionalization of
this model in a qualitative research about resilience and vulnerability
in families under risk situation. The ecological insertion involved the
study accompaniment of three poor families who live in a violent
community and included observations, informal chats and interviews. The
operacionalization of the bioecological model in this research promoted
the accomplishment of a study with ecological validity, apart from
allowing to include various levels of analysis.


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