Executive functions in the young elderly and oldest old

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Subtitle: a preliminary comparison emphasizing decision making
Author list: Koller S
Publisher: American Psychological Association
Publication year: 2008
Journal: Psychology and Neuroscience (1984-3054)
Volume number: 1
Issue number: 2
Start page: 183
End page: 189
Number of pages: 7
ISSN: 1984-3054
Languages: English-Great Britain (EN-GB)


This study aimed at investigating differences in the performance of the young elderly and oldest old in tasks evaluating cognitive flexibility/inhibition (Stroop test), selective attention/working memory (Digit Span Subtest), premorbid intelligence/semantic knowledge (Vocabulary Subtest), and decision making (Iowa Gambling Task ¿ IGT). Twenty healthy individuals were divided into two groups: 10 young elderly (M = 62 years, SD = 2.1) and 10 oldest old (M = 80 years, SD = 3.3), both with high educational level (M = 14 years of study, SD = 2.5). Results showed that the groups were only different in terms of decision making. There was also a difference in the learning process of each group; the young elderly reached more favorable scores in the IGT.


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