Neuropsychological functioning in methadone maintenance patients with HIV | Función neuropsicológica en el tratamiento de mantenimiento con metadona en pacientes con VIH

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Author list: Perez-Garcia M
Publisher: Fundacion Para El Avance de la Psicologia
Publication year: 2016
Volume number: 48
Issue number: 3
Start page: 147
End page: 158
Number of pages: 12
ISSN: 0120-0534
Languages: English-Great Britain (EN-GB), Spanish-Spain (ES-ES)


Although highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) has improved
survival rates of HIV patients, HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders
(HAND) still exist in a highly prevalent group of persons with this
disease. In this study we seek to evaluate the influence of drug use in
the neuropsychological performance of seropositive drug users. We
carried out an extensive neuropsychological evaluation and compared the
performance of seropositive drug users (n = 90) with that of a control
group of seronegative drug users (n = 48). The results reveal that
methadone maintenance programmes can make the seropositive subject
neuropsychologically vulnerable. Likewise, we found that giving up drugs
have a protective effect in the presence of neuropsychological
alterations associated with HIV. These findings lead us to suggest that
seropositivity is not sufficient to explain the neuropsychological
alterations of seropositive drug users, noting that these alterations
are multifactorial.


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