Health care rationing and community participation | Racionamento dos cuidados de saúde e a participação da sociedade

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Sous-titre: A review of the debate | revisão do debate
Liste des auteurs: Pinho, M.M., & Veiga, P.
Editeur: Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública / Elsevier España (Elsevier Doyma)
Année de publication: 2010
Numéro du volume: 28
Numéro de publication: 2
Page d'accueil: 119
Dernière page: 126
Nombre de pages: 8
ISSN: 0870-9025
Languages: Potugais-Portugal (PT-PT)


Introduction: The traditional discretionary model to set priorities in
health care have been questioned by policy makers who seek to address
this issue more explicitly. Setting priorities in an explicit way has
sparked an intense debate, especially and particularly in what concerns
economics contribution and public involvement. Material and methods: A
literature review allowed not only an account of the debate about the
evolution of the process concerning the setting of priorities within the
health care services during the last three decades but also to describe
the problematic discussion related to the community participation in
the rationing debate, as well as to know some international reforms that
tried to implement a more transparent rationing process. Results:
Alongside with the reforms to adopt systematic principles to ration
health care services, there is a debate about the role that population
should play in that process. Although there is some consensus that
population should be more involved, there is no consensus about the
limits and model of participation. The task, in practice, has proved to
be complex and a source of conflict. Conclusions: The implementation of a
more explicit and transparent health care rationing process is still
under debate. The solutions seem to depend on the political will and the
cultural context of each country. © 2010 Published by Elsevier España,
S. L. on behalf of Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública. All rights


Community involvement, Health, Health care systems, Rationing


Pas d'articles correspondants trouvés.

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