A Support Framework for the Migration of E-Government Services to the Cloud

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Liste des auteurs: Cardoso, A.
Moreira, F.
Simões, P.
Editeur: IGI Global
Année de publication: 2015
Page d'accueil: 124
Dernière page: 162
Nombre de pages: 39
ISBN: 9781466686298
Languages: Anglais-Royaume-Uni (EN-GB)


Public and federal agencies from countries around the world are
increasingly providing information technology based services via the
Internet - known as e-government. Several of the general requirements of
e-government services are satisfactorily met by the emerging Cloud
Computing paradigm that promises a number of benefits such as service
elasticity (the ability to handle peaks and troughs of demands);
optimization of costs; capacity to handle large volumes of data; and a
generalized model of Internet-based access for end-users. For this
reason, it is no surprise that Cloud related technologies are gradually
leveraging e-government platforms. In this chapter, a support framework
is outlined that complies with and extends the well-known ITIL
(Information Technology Infrastructure Library) set of best practices
for IT (Information Technology) service management. It is suggested that
the proposed framework can be usefully deployed to assist in the
process of migrating e-government services provision to the Cloud
Computing environment.


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