Security through democracy: safeguarding European borders (STRODE)

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Projektstart: 01.01.2018
Projektende: 31.12.2020


“Security through democracy: safeguarding European borders” – STRODE – links EU’s position in the world as a normative power with the need to guarantee its security through the promotion of democracy, mainly focusing on its borders.

The project will develop a theoretical model and its operationalisation for the concept of democracy, that will be used to evaluate the democratic evolution of the selected case studies: Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine and Algeria. These results will be intersected with an analysis of their relationship with the EU, so that STRODE may be able to identify the most and least successful policies and strategies to promote democracy abroad. Scenarios will be built for considering the prospects for EU’s security regarding its surroundings.

Among other outputs, STRODE will create a digital platform to disseminate these and other results among the scientific community and civil society and to allow the replication of the model to further case studies by other researchers.


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