Industry 4.0 Business Models for Small and Medium Size Enterprises (i4.0 SMEs)

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Projektstart: 01.01.2018
Projektende: 31.12.2020


The project addresses the transformation of SMEs business models (BMs) in the context of the Industry 4.0 (I4.0), a still under-researched question in Management and Business literature, despite its strategic and economic relevance. Industry 4.0 originates changes in the firms BM and raises problems of misalignment between technology and BMs and the need to develop a coherent strategy encompassing the several functional areas. The project offers a novel approach to this challenge: an interdisciplinary perspective; starts from the analysis of the firm's BM and not from the technology; considers all functional areas and the relevant technologies and methodologies; conducts an empirical study that goes beyond a single or a limited number of cases, considering 300 SMEs. The results contribute to the discussion on the implementation and impact of the I4.0 in SMEs, support (with a simulator) the definition of I4.0 strategies and will be widely disseminated through an Observatory.


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