Portucalense Institute for Legal Research (IJP)

Organisation details

Phone: +351-225572500
R. Dr António Bernardino de Almeida 541/619
4200-072 Porto


Portugal (PT)

Research activities

Activities Reports

               2014(external link)
               2015(external link)
               2016(external link)

Activity Plans

               2014(external link)
               2015(external link)
               2016(external link)

Research Areas




Capital, Cloud computing providers, Collaboration, Constitution and Fundamental Rights, Economics, Education, Efficacy, Eficiência empresarial., Environmental studies, European Union and International Laws and Policies, Family Law, Finance, Formal network, Human Rights, Informal network, Institutions, International business, Internationalisation, International Relations, Law, Management, Neuroscience, Open innovation, Ownership, Safety, scientific resources, SMEs, Social network, Social Network Analysis, Wines

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